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Reason #1 Personal Familiarity

Tactics:  Thorough door-knocking, meetings, etc.


Reason #2 Party Affiliation

Tactics:  Shore up Republicans base through direct mail

De-emphasize party affiliation to independents


Reason #3 Name Identification

Tactics:  Massive yard signing and prominent display of name on literature, mail and in radio or media releases.


Reason #4 Issues/Positions/Proposals

Tactics:  Target issues to identified voter niches through direct mail, radio and cable television and social media.


Reason #5 Endorsements

Tactics:  Aggressively seek out endorsements from local people and better known elected officials.  Prominently display your supporters on letterhead and in literature in social media and on your website.


Reason #6 Appearance/Looks/Demeanor

Tactics:  Dress appropriately.  Maintain a pleasant demeanor and remember that people are always watching.  Have a photo done professionally and spend the time and money to get them right.



Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
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