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“African American voter engagement must include not only persuasion based on our party’s principles, but also an ongoing presence within precincts.  Investing time and resources in African American communities by leveraging the best practices of organizations like the Texas Federation for Republican Outreach is essential” (GROWTH & OPPORTUNITY PROJECT, Republican National Committee, Dec 2012).

The T.I.C.K.E.T.

TICKET is a Texas Voter ID and Voter Engagement permanent campaign which targets, identifies, contacts and engages African American affiliated Republicans, persuadable independents, and registered non-voters to turn them out for Republican candidates.

T.I.C.K.E.T. Stands for:

Target African American voters

Identify the “persuadable” by phone survey to find those who will vote for a Republican candidate

Contact by phone to learn the issues important to them

Keep contacting them using door-to-door canvassing

Engage them using direct mail and have friends and family to engage them

Turn them out to vote for Republican candidates

The Campaign

  • TICKET Primary 2016 campaign ran through March Primary
  • TICKET General 2016 campaign ran through November General Election
  • Focus on Harris County
  • Target 150,000 registered black voters
  • Use ads on gospel radio station KWWJ to reach: (listen here)
    • Independents
    • Registered non-voters
  • Primary turnout goal in Harris County--20,000
    • 10,000 New Persuadable Independents
    • 10,000 Persuadable Registered Non-Voters
  • This will be an increase of about 20,000 primary voters in Harris County and will be the margin of victory in down ballot races.





Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
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