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In Which of These 10 Principles Do You Believe?

  1. God is the Creator of the Universe.
  2. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  3. A job is good, but profits are better.
  4. A child raised by a single parent has a high risk of being poor.
  5. Feed the poor, but also help them escape poverty.
  6. A good education is the key to having a good life.
  7. Equal opportunity is for everyone.
  8. Those who work harder deserve more.
  9. Justice for all, mercy for some.
  10. Self-defense is a law of God.


If you believe in most or all of these 10 principles, congratulations! You are a  common-sense voter and you may be interested in hearing more about Republican policies. Contact us to learn more.


Principles of Frederick Douglass, Early Republican

A Video Tribute to Frederick Douglass by
U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R) South Carolina

Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
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