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Our History

The Black Republican Council of Texas (BRCT)
The Black Republican Council of Texas (BRCT) was established in 1986 as an affiliate of the NBRC and an auxiliary of the RPT.

The Texas Federation of Black Republicans (TFBR)
The Texas Federation of Black Republicans was the successor organization of BRCT.

Texas Federation for Republican Outreach (TFRO)
TFRO is the successor organization to the Texas Federation of Black Republicans.

Our Affiliates
A "federation" is an organization or group within which smaller divisions have some degree of internal autonomy.  The smaller divisions of TFRO are called "affiliated clubs" and they may organize around an issue or interest and identify themselves by a different name. To start an affiliated club, please click here.

Our Members
Our members are multi-racial and multi-ethnic voters who become members by donating because they see our vision, share our values, and want to support our mission. There are 2 different membership levels—Individual and Club.


Student Members are middle school, high school, college, or technical school students who donate $10 annually at the beginning of each year and receive on-campus leadership training.

Adult Members are non-student adults who donate $35 annually at the beginning of each year and receive a variety of tools and training to achieve their career, life, and networking goals.


Believers Club Members donate $120 because they believe in our cause.

Sustainers Club Members donate $120 annually or $12 each month to sustain our cause.

Legacy Club Members donate $320 annually or $30 each month to leave an outreach legacy.

Leaders Club Members donate $1,000 annually to support our leadership recruiting and development campaigns.

Transformation Club Members donate $5,000 or more annually to transform our Federation into the nation's premier organization conducting outreach to voters to save our nation.

Pace Setter Club Members are a "special class of donors" who fund "special response projects" in order to keep pace with what the opposition is doing.

Please click here to donate.

Our Vision
Our vision is an America where justice protects freedoms and opportunities so that each person who works hard can achieve prosperity.

Our Mission
Our mission is to identify, engage, organize, and encourage African American voters to support common-sense principles in order to preserve freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for their children and their children's children.

Our Values
We value:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Compassion & Caring For Family, Friends & Strangers in Need
  • The Rights & Protection of Children Born & Unborn
  • Equal Justice Under The Law
  • Individual Freedoms & Liberty
  • Equal Opportunity For All
  • Prosperity Through Economic Capitalism
  • Education & Life-long Learning
  • Hard Work To Build Character & Personal Sacrifice To Build Honor
  • Personal Responsibility & Accountability
  • Fiscal Responsibility & Low Taxes
  • The Right of Personal Privacy & Defense
  • National Security

Our 2013-14 Goals:

  • To ID & turnout 10,000 new African American voters for the 2014 Republican Primary on March 4, 2014
  • To help elect 100 delegates to the 2014 Texas Republican State Convention in May 2014
  • To help place on the Republican ballot 50 new African American precinct chair candidates and appoint 50 precinct captains by Dec 2013 filing deadline
  • To establish 10 new Affiliated Clubs by Nov 2014
  • To place 10 college interns in training positions by Mar 2014
  • To help elect at least 2 new members to the Texas House of Representatives
  • To help elect 4 new members to the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC)
  • To place 10 new staff members in offices of Republican office-holders
  • To sponsor the leadership training in Washington for 6 college interns



North Texas
               West Texas
          Central Texas
East Texas
               Southeast Texas
          South Texas


The following committees are available in which individuals and organization members can serve.

     Non-Profits & Religion
College Students
     Elections & Voting
     P/R/Media      Membership
Phone Banking
     Resolutions      Rules & Bylaws
Small Business
     Social Media
     Voter Rights
     Arrangements & Events
Finance & Fundraising
     Jobs & Career Education

News Coverage

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